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10 Ways to Accomplish The Perfect Organic Boho Wedding

If you're anything like we are, then you will be drooling over some of these simple and easy ways to accomplish the look of an organic wedding using vintage and modern styles. Of course you need to have the right setting as well! Here are a few helpful tips and simple resources on how to get your dream wedding looking like organic boho heaven.

  • Farm Tables

Farm tables are an absolute in our book for that organic bohemian wedding look. They make a huge statement and are more refreshing to see rather than the normal tables with table clothes. (Although we love those too!) Rent farm tables for your upcoming wedding HERE!

  • Fresh Flowers

OH my Gosh... yes, yes, yes, you must have fresh flowers at your wedding! It's gorgeous and doesn't have to be expensive! Purchase an assortment of pretty fresh flowers and drop a couple in pretty vintage bottles or vases! Look at the magic that just happened by doing something as simple as that! You can purchase beautiful fresh flowers from FityFlowers! We have personally dealt with Fifty Flowers and loved them!

  • Bistro Chairs

Bistro chairs are a simple way to add that modern earthy touch to you wedding. We adore these chairs and you can rent them HERE this fall!

  • Natural Paper

Choose natural handmade paper mixed with a little calligraphy for your wedding invitations to make a beautiful creation. You can also use natural paper for escort cards or even menu's! We will even tell you a few ways you can get your hands on some of this gorgeous paper! Etsy or Silk and Willow are just a couple of our favorites. But you can also find this paper in journals at your local Barns and Noble store at a very inexpensive price!

  • String Lights

String lights help set the tone and brings in warm light! Harsh bright lights are a no no!

  • Table Runners

Use table runners instead of table clothes. Then top your runners with some simple decor, such as, pieces of seeded eucalyptus, gold candle holders, and fresh flowers! You can rent table runners HERE or you can purchase table runners from one of our favorites, Silk and Willow!

  • Seeded Eucalyptus

Seeded eucalyptus just screams organic bohemian. It's earthy, beautiful, simple, and adds the perfect touch. You can drape it on your tables, menu board, welcome sign, on your dinner plates to add decor, arches, and just about any place your heart desires! Seeded eucalyptus can be found at any flower shop or FiftyFlowers!

  • Vintage Colored Glassware

Because, why wouldn't you want colored glassware at your wedding? It adds color and pop to the table! Brilliant!! Rent your colored glass HERE!

  • Calligraphy Signage

Find someone who knows how to do some pretty calligraphy signage and then turn them loose on your welcome sign, menu board, table numbers, etc...

calligraphy signage

  • Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are still one of our favorite cakes but if you're going for that organic bohemian look, the naked cake is the way to go! Throw on a few fresh flowers, herbs, or seeded eucalyptus and you are done!